Services & marketing! That’s our business. Before we dive into our services, I trust that you are very clear with what was shared on the About Us page.
Why would we choose service instead of product?
Well, our service is actually our product. Our services are Internet
base, in other words, no product to ship.
This put us on a cutting edge opportunity to serve everyone in the
most impeccable way. Simple put, the services are just a mouse
click away.

As a new company, we are striving to improve Manna First
in all areas.  We simply ask for your patience, that as we grow you may
also grow with us.
“Unity is one of our greatest defense against poverty” David G. Sr.

These are the areas of services we are currently offering. Keep in
mind; we are a family friendly company. Use the services with that
in mind.


1. Free Classified Ad:
This service is for the general public. You may place ads, shop from
other people’s ads and promote your company in the classified section.

2. Blog! Blog! Blog Away!
While other companies are charging for blogging, we’re offering this for
free. The blogging can be use for information on a general topic or a
specific topic.

3. Placing ads on the website:
Subscribing members can place ads in other areas of the website and
also in the monthly e-new letter for free. This depends on the size
or time, In some case at a discount price.

4. Business expo:
This will be one of our strong area of services. Our business expo
is design to promote local every day Mom & Pop business.
We will do this by invite local businesses and Manna First members
to a monthly central location where they can sell their products or
Doing this will promote growth & sales for business owner, this
will also give members the opportunity to meet people and grow
their members group. Along with the business expo we’ll have
other promotions.

5. Discount Services:
For all Manna First subscribing affiliate members, we are offering our
discount service. We are making connection with online and every day
Mom & Pop business owners. This card is design to give the
affiliate members 10, 15, 20 or more % discount when they shop with these
businesses. The lists of businesses are listed on the website.
As members, your saving will be out of this world. You can also
use your discount services benefit at our business expo

6. Simplified Unlimited Growth Residual Income (SUGRI)
Money! Money! Money!
Anyone interested in earning money? Manna First is the place to
be. We’re offering a powerful risk free way to earn! Earn! Earn!
Please see the getting paid page and the videos

The cost for these services is only $10.80 a month.
This is for subscribing affiliate member.

Let us grow together as we impact our world together one person at a time!