About Us

Manna First is a service marketing company.
We specialize in promoting & marketing other people products and services.

Our primary focus is to share with you how you can use
our marketing system to earn a good monthly income.

When you are looking for a network marketing opportunity, what
stand out the most for you? What are you looking for?
Is it the product, service, marketing plan or compensation plan?
Is it how much money you can earn? The residual income or where the
company is located?  May be, who is the CEO?  Is it a black or white
own company?  What are the risks?  How much it will cost to be
apart of that opportunity?  How long before you can see a profit?
Who will you market this opportunity to?  The customer services
that the company offers? Etc…

So much to think about!  For a person who has no experience
with the networking industry, this can be very scary. What can we
do to make everyone feels comfortable about their decision to
join Manna First.

We take great pride in putting people first.
With Manna First, it’s Always! People First!  Manna First is a proud sponsor  for BetterNot products or services, not money!

To serve God, we must serve people!
Our primary focus is about people, yes people! For too long we have been treated as commodities, it’s time to get back to the basic
of life and that is to truly care for each other’s

Again, please ask yourself this question, in searching for an
opportunity, what would be the most desired thing that you
would like to have in a company?  For us at Manna First it
is about people and also a company that places its efforts on
making sure that all our members are well taken care of
ensuring their success.

This is an original word with Manna First
GOALD: Setting personal goals that yield financial success

How we do this is very unique, most companies offers customer
service from outside in, we offers from inside out.
The reason for this is; our members are our customers!

In conventional marketing, their customers are different from
their members.  In other words, their members offer products
and services to the general public / customers.  70% or higher of
the products sold are sold to people who will never become
a member. Which is okay if that’s what the members and
company wants.

For people who don’t know much about building a networking
business will easily become discourage and quit with a bitter
taste in their mouth, all because they never know the power
in building a networking business.

When you join a networking business opportunity, are you
joining it to sell (Become a sale person) or to build a team
and earn residual income?

If you are in a network marketing company and all you
are doing is selling products and you are
NOT BUILDING A TEAM, then you are just a
sales person. The truth is, you do not need a networking
company to sell products.

The primary purpose for network marketing is for you to build a
team of people and in doing so you will earn true (SUGRI)
It’s important that you keep this in mind;

This is one of the main core of Manna First, we are offering a
simple and powerful business opportunity, which gives
you the opportunity to earn (SUGRI)
By following some simple steps and your life will be changed forever!