Home is where the heart is!
Manna First is truly a home base networking business.
We are an INTERNET SERVICE BUSINESS and because this is   Mutti Lewis New
an Internet business 90% of what we do can be done from the
privacy of your home.

This is a simplified business opportunity with major breakthrough in networking.
Manna First takes great pride in the fact that, as an Internet
service business. We specialize in promoting other businesses,
services and products, through a unique marketing effort.

The beautiful thing is, Manna First gives everyone the opportunity
to earn a true simplified unlimited growth residual income (SUGRI)
This of course includes the companies we represent and affiliate members of
Manna First.  We trust that you are in the market for a simple risk free opportunity.

MOney-RulesYes I know the big question is; how does this works?
You may wonder how can something so simple works so effective?
Please have an open mind as you visit the web site.

These are some of the cool benefits for joining our team 

* Free classified advertisement
* Income opportunity
* Free membership
* No monthly website fees
* No contract
Our commitment to your success is based on:
* Knowledge of this industry
* The simplicity of our business
* Lowest cost for services in this industry
* Our commitment to all our ICSP’s
* No start-up-cost
* No charge back
* No credit check
* No background check
* No experience required
* Our simplify compensation plan    
* Simplified unlimited growth residual income (SUGRI)                           

For more information please get back to the person who invited
you or contact us. (912) 224-4108