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Always remember! One of the main reasons to be involved in any networking business should be to earn a simplified unlimited growth residual income (SUGRI)
To be become financially successful and be at peace with your success, there money1-300x200
are few things that you’ll need. Some of these things are unavoidable, listed are three:
1. People 2. Products / Services 3. Residual Income
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For now I will deal with just residual income:
It’s a payment or profit earned over and over again from the same
person, company or customers or labor rendered.                                                          They are different types of residual income.

Here are three types of residual income:

  1. Simple Residual income: Your job, your weekly or monthly pay check.
    The problem with this is; if you don’t work, there is no income. Everyone
    should work to change this; this can be a sure way for financial ruin.
    Getting a second job or quitting your job for a next job or getting a
    part time job is not the answer.
    Doing that will not change much, only very little to no growth!
    Any income with a low to medium income cap will limit your financial growth.
  2. Growth Residual Income: This is more for people who have a small business or a career person.  The sad thing is, in most cases they depend on their own efforts to earn an income. One more time, if they are not able to perform, there will be no income.
    Did you know that most Lawyers, Doctors, Politicians, Pastors
    even business owners have some other type of investment working for
    them other than their own income.  Even the President of the USA has books that they wrote, stocks they invest in and other business that they own.  Some even own oil field. The big question is; what are you doing wrong?
    You may be depending on your own efforts; if you refuse to change, you may be setting yourself up for financial ruin.
  3. Unlimited Growth Residual Income: This is where true residual income starts. The reason for this, it does not depend only on your efforts but it incorporate the efforts of others with no limits to how much you can earn and in some cases, a very little overhead expenses.  In this income bracket, they are so much you can do. This is for someone who have multiple stores, investments, involved in a network marketing or even a service business with sales representatives and products been sold with no limits to its market.  Doing this kind of business will need your commitment.
    Are you willing to commit for the cause of your financial future?               Manna First compensation plan is design for our affiliate members to grow.
    Our simplified compensation plan is one of a kind.
    On like conventional networking business, their plans pays less as your
    down line gets deeper.
    Manna First focuses on people, as a result of that our residual income
    pays more on the deeper level.
    Why? Let’s be honest, the deeper you go the more people you will have
    on your deeper levels.  So the big question is, where would you like to receive more money?  The top level where you have less people or the deeper level where you have more people?
    Our simplified unlimited growth residual income (SUGRI)
    The cost for our monthly service is only $10.80 monthly.                                         We pay $1.00 on each level to your 6th level deep and no limit to how wide you can go.  We pay $1.50 on your 7th and 8th level and again 
    with no limit to how wide you can go.                                                                  You will always have more people on your lower levels, you will
    make far more money as you build a team.
    This is one of the smartest residual plans. Why? It encourages
    members to build a strong and solid team, instead of becoming
    sales people for a company.
    Very! Very! Simple, the benefits you get from all the services we are
    offering and with the unlimited residual income you can earn from only$10.80, it’s
    absolutely wonderful.
    Please remember no sales or purchasing of products is required… dollar charts             Later we will share with you the power of a dollar.  Do not miss out on this opportunity because of lack of understanding.  To change your financial outlook, it’s important that you do something with low risk or zero risk with the highest possible INCOME (SUGRI) I trust that you will find the Manna First opportunity a big chance for change.
    This is a breakdown of a possible income you can earn from our 
    simplified unlimited growth residual income plan (SUGRI)
    Please keep in mind, you are not responsible or required to get all those people in your group.  You start by building your 1st level and your 1st level will build           their 1st level and so on.For example, this is just an example;
    1st level 5 people x $1=$5.00
    2nd level 5×5=25 people x $1=$25.00
    3rd level 25 x 5=125 people x $1=$125.00
    4th level 125×5=625 people x $1=$625.00
    5th level 625×5=3125 people x $1=$3,125.00
    6th level 3,125×5=15,625 people x $1=$15,625.00
    7th level 15,625×5=78,125 people x $1.50=$117,187.50
    8th level 78,125×5=390.625 people x $1.50=$585,937.50

    Manna First withholds $.10 Cent for each dollar paid out.
    Over a period of time, this would be your monthly earning.  You’ll earn on all levels.
    As you build your group, your monthly income will grow each month.

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